About Kavosh Pasand Novin Company

Company Kaps sole representative of the company Söring Germany is proud to use the experiences of 25 senior managers in the field of medical equipment and laboratory, providing the best technology in the fields of surgical specialty and subspecialty is a brief description of the devices by representing its there.

SONOCA300: This kind of high technology ultrasound surgery for brain, liver and general uses. Handpiece diversity in terms of strength, diameter, length and frequency of causes, which encompass a wide range of different operations.

Cold Plasma Coagulation (CPC): This is a monopoly company Söring using Helium gas Rapid Coagulation of blood in surgery can be performed. The difference this technology with Argon Plasma of Argon uses the temperature of the Beam The cooler of argon and Vmq effects and damage to normal tissue, 80% less argon is needed patientPlate no, this makes the surgery cerebral nerves and also for Coag. bloodshed be used. It published in the prevention of bleeding in the liver and Lapraskvpy remarkable surgeon can help.

UAW: SONOCAUAW system for debridement of the injuries (diabetic, bed, burns, etc.) are used with ultrasound. Handpiece for injuries in four models designed to eliminate bacteria, fungi, viruses and depth of the channels of infection are effective.

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